Ever experienced how difficult it is to lead change? Searching for an approach that helps?

SANGOO is a simulated business experience, focused on building change leadership competences.

Our 'learning by doing'-approach gives insight into a pragmatic roadbook to support you in your change challenge.

Who should attend?

SANGOO is suited for everyone that is actively involved in organisational change.
Discover here how the different SANGOO flavours accommodate for the target groups in your organisation.


SANGOO brings a 360 ⁰ approach to change, it teaches you how to lead change (from A to Z). No ivory tower knowledge but a pragmatic framework and ready to use insights.


Our active, experience based approach engages you to set knowledge into action. No room for misalignment between thought and behaviour. Just do it!


Simulated business experience

SANGOO brings a real-life change experience. As the director of the change you are in the middle of the action. Success depends on you! Throughout the Xperience you build an inspiring presentation on vision and strategy that supports ‘why’ we change. You analyze the organisation and identify the relevant stakeholders. The change history is an important source of information to help you shape your approach. You get insight in the do’s and don’ts of communication and learn to communicate with impact.

Learning by doing

The intensive program includes a variety of assignments in order to maximise the learning effect. The combination of 'hard' and 'soft' skills results in the perfect mix.
People play a key role in every change. SANGOO brings both enthusiasm and resistance to life throughout the entire experience. Recognising and handling are part of your challenge.

The assignments are team-based (2 groups of 4-6 participants). Through the collaboration you experience that teamwork is a key success factor to realise change.

Based on real life experience

SANGOO uses a roadbook that is based on extensive experience in change and leading change research findings. The roadbook is your future reference to shape and lead change programs/projects in your organisation. Coaches with a broad expertise in the field of change, guide you through the SANGOO experience.

Fiction brought to life

The fictitious organisation and its challenges are brought to life and supported with visual aids. A touch of competition seasons the experience.

Shared language

SANGOO creates a shared language around change. A strong asset for teams that are facing a shared change challenge.


SANGOO's modular nature ensures an experience tailored to your needs and goals.



Participants gain an in depth insight in the Change Leadership Framework, a pragmatic roadbook that enables to shape and lead organisational change. The framework not only contains theoretical concepts, but comes with usable tools to optimise the success rate of any change.


SANGOO challenges! You learn to align your behaviour with what you know and believe. Knowledge gets put into action!


SANGOO provides insight in how your attitude towards change will fundamentally influence your chances for success.

Intensive coaching throughout the experience helps you to explore your beliefs and to discover your blind spots.

Measurable result

Our online measurement tool allows to measure and monitor impact on participant and organisation level. The tool measures what knowledge and skills you acquired (pre / post) and maps out the impact of your change approach on your organisation. Repeated measurements over time bring insightful information on your change DNA.


The Leadership takes a crucial role in shaping and implementing change. At different levels in the organisation, from senior leadership up to teamlead level, they contribute to the realisation of change.

Another crucial actor in achieving results is the group of professionals that gets involved in change based on their role and expertise (Project managers, proces experts, PMO staff, ...). This group often has no people management role but plays an essential role.
Because both audiences face challenges of a different nature, we developed two SANGOO flavours.

Adapting or changing your organisational culture can be extermely challenging. SANGOO C brings expertise and insights to prepare you and your team for this particular challenge. Discover the essence of the different flavours here.


Managers and leaders




Organisational Culture

The SANGOO xperience was developed by ALVEARE. Our goal is to strengthen organisations in addressing change and change leadership challenges.

Els Heylen

Els held several management positions in the banking and software industry. Realising change has been a key element not only in more recent senior management roles but throughout her professional life. She is seen as a strong leader, motivator and communicator, with attention to both EQ as well as IQ. Her drive for continuous improvement in areas such as quality, customer satisfaction and operational excellence has often been a strong driver to bring along the much needed change.

Stefaan Compernol

Change, people, process and technology form the core of Stefaan’s professional path. As a psychologist, he has a pronounced interest in human behaviour, learning processes and the human brain. He is always looking for creative, intelligent solutions that facilitate change, increase acceptance and make the difference. Stefaan was active in various management positions within large and small organisations.