Don’t miss 100% of your objectives by failing the last 10% of the implementation.

SANGOO products and services assist you in bringing your change objectives to the floor.

What are you looking for?

Our approach

supports your change

Our products and services are designed to make leaders and organisations more efficient and effective at realizing change. We strongly believe that the development of change competences is a future proof choice to cope with the fast-paced changing world we live in.

balances IQ & EQ

People play a key role in achieving results. We are convinced that the right mix of ratio ( ensuring process, performance indicators, governance,….) and emo ( taking the human psychology into account) is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable changes. This balanced mix is part of all our products and services.

is based on what works

Our approach is evidence based. We combine academic research results with real life business experience and apply it in a pragmatic – rather than dogmatic – way. We tailor to accommodate to your specific needs and challenges. By using simulation, storytelling and gamification elements we create a safe context for learning by doing. Not only does our approach expand skills and knowledge, it is designed to close the gap between what people know (knowledge) and what they do (behaviour).

About us

The SANGOO xperiences are developed by ALVEARE.
We are passionate about change and change leadership and about finding better ways to support organisations and leaders through times of change. We have no 9 to 5 mentality. We are transparent and easily accessible. We're flexible to tailor our approach to your needs.

Els Heylen

Els held several management positions in the banking and software industry. Realising change has been a key element not only in more recent senior management roles but throughout her professional life. She is seen as a strong leader, motivator and communicator, with attention to both EQ as well as IQ. Her drive for continuous improvement in areas such as quality, customer satisfaction and operational excellence has often been a strong driver to bring along the much needed change.

Stefaan Compernol

Change, people, process and technology form the core of Stefaan’s professional path. As a psychologist, he has a pronounced interest in human behaviour, learning processes and the human brain. He is always looking for creative, intelligent solutions that facilitate change, increase acceptance and make the difference. Stefaan was active in various management positions within large and small organisations.