The Change Leadership Framework (CLF)

The Change Leadership Framework (CLF) is the backbone of our approach. It combines different key aspects around change in a hands-on ready to use roadbook.

The right mix for successful change

Being successful at realizing change requires an approach that balances 'IQ' and 'EQ' aspects. IQ refers to: the phases in a change trajectory, the measurement points, co-creation techniques, governance, .... EQ refers to the human side of change: the psychology of change, the different views on change, cultural elements, key change beliefs....


The CLF packs these elements in a structured and hands-on roadbook. A roadbook that provides an answer to the question "What should I do to be more successful at change?". Psychological concepts are shaped into tools and tips, ready to use within a business context. The IQ elements are worked out to the level of a pragmatic checklist ("What should I think of?").

A common language

All different SANGOO flavours have this backbone in common. As a result, a shared change language and approach is built throughout the different layers of your organisation. All involved will talk the same change language, minimizing the possibility of miscommunication.

The origin of the framework

The Change Leadership framework embodies our Evidence Based approach. It combines extensive hands-on experience, leading change research findings (Kotter, Senge, Haidt, Heath, Beer, Decaluwe, Nohria, Thaler, Kahneman, ...) and proven 'best practices'.

The essence

No ivory tower theory but ready to use knowledge, tips and tricks that enable to shape and realize your change with a better understanding of the human psychology that comes to play.