How to make change stick?

One of the main challenges of change is to ensure it is here to stay. We offer you different possibilities, adoptable to your specific needs, budget and context.

Online refresh

SANGOO refresh, the most lightweight of our solutions to embed change. Following a SANGOO learning experience, the online refresh module supports embedding the learned change leadership concepts in a light, bite-sized way.

At an agreed time interval, a rotating set of 5 multiple choice questions is presented to the participant.

The questions are enriched with instant feedback (providing insight in the correct answer and motivation) supporting an optimal learning experience. Our refresh tool is webbased and can be run on desktop and mobile (on the go).

Tailored coaching

After following the SANGOO Xperience, you feel that you and/or your team could use some tailored support in translating the learned concepts into your own reality, to become a true change leader. For this challenge, we offer you our tailored coaching. In a limited number of sessions, our senior coaches will assist you and your team to realise this translation.

All our interventions are geared towards delivering sustainable results. They are limited in time with iterative go/no go moments and contributing to your long term objectives.

Hands-on change support

Not sure where to start? Through our Change Leadership Coaching we assist you on how to approach and shape your change. We guide you through the world of change, using our Change Leadership Framework as a guideline, starting from the WHY of your change, upto the kick-off of your different change initiatives. We will help you to shape your initial change message, inventorize your stakeholders, shape your change approach, design your communication plan, … As a result, you evolve towards a continuous improvement mindset, including ways to optimize engagement of all individuals involved. Our hands-on change support is agile inspired; it is transparent, result driven, limited in time with iterative go/no go moments.