Change learning experiences

Have you ever experienced how difficult it is to lead change? Are you searching for an innovative learning approach that helps your organisation to become better at realising change? The SANGOO business experiences focus on building change management and change leadership competences.

With the different flavours of the simulation we cover the needs of specific target groups in your organisation.

How does it work?

Our change learning experience puts participants in the context of a fictitious organisation that faces some major change challenges.  The simulation offers them a range of highly recognizable (near real-life) change challenges to deal with.

Through a  variety of active assignments, participants explore and learn both 'hard' and 'soft’ skills in an intense learning-by-doing program. Throughout the experiences, both enthusiasm and resistance are brought to life. The team-based format (2 groups of 4-6 participants) supports the insight that teamwork is a key success factor to realise change.

What are the results?

SANGOO creates a shared language and offers a hands-on approach (the change leadership framework) for organizational change. A strong asset for teams that are facing a shared change challenge. The framework not only contains theoretical concepts, but comes with usable tools, tips and tricks to optimise the success rate of any change. Participants also gain insight in the utmost importance of a balanced approach that takes both the process side and the human side of change into account. Learning by doing also means that knowledge gets put into action! Intensive coaching throughout the experience helps participants to explore their beliefs and to discover blind spots.

Who is it for?

The different flavours of our experience based solutions, cover a wide range of target audiences, taking into account their specific needs and challenges.

for decision takers

The Leadership takes a crucial role in shaping and implementing change. SANGOO D addresses those that are in the driving seat to realize change.

for teamleaders and expert roles

Another crucial actor in achieving results is the group of professionals that gets involved in change based on their role and expertise (Project managers, process experts, PMO staff, teamleaders ...). SANGOO P addresses this group that plays an essential role.

for the change audience

Moving away from old habits, adopting new ways of working and thinking, can be a challenging process. Therefore we are convinced that supporting your team members in becoming an actor in change rather than a victim (and making change the ‘new normal’) will be one of the important levers to realize your change.