Change leadership inspiration

Our inspiration sparks come in different formats. Discover here how our easy digestible insights can help you to kickstart your change, to support your reflection process, to build awareness, ... .

Energizing keynote on change

If you want to build change awareness in your organisation, our SANGOO A keynote caters for your needs. During an interactive session of 1 to 3 hours (depending on your objectives) your audience gets a view on the challenges of change.

Psychological concepts and hands-on tips are brought to your audience through a highly recognizable story, seasoned with a flavour of laughter. The session can be enriched with an active group assignment to foster your teams engagement. SANGOO A combines a light weight keynote with action elements. Based upon your needs, we will shape the talk.

SANGOO tricks & treats

A cardset with hands-on tips for anyone involved in change. The set offers a bite sized mix of psychological insights, communication tips, pragmatic tools and so much more.

Assess your change

Are you in the midst of a change trajectory or do you want to evaluate a past change. Our free and anonymous change assessment will trigger you to reflect on your change approach. Discover potential blind spots and some hands-on tips to complete and refine your approach.