Sangoo for Decision takers

Are you in charge of realising change and looking for ways to strenghten your team for the challenge(s) ahead? Or have you been leading change and are you eager to improve your approach?
SANGOO d brings a change learning experience to your needs. You get insight in a handson change approach to help you structure and lead your change towards success.

Make the difference

The realisation of a new vision, implementing an adjusted strategy, introducing a new way of working, building a new product or even a change in working conditions… Leaders play a crucial role to tackle these challenges.

Your approach can make the difference between succes and failure, the difference in the engagement and retention of competent people, the difference in long term results, ...

You might wonder

How can I build a culture that facilitates and supports change?
How do I cope with the velocity at which our reality is changing?
Why do I have to repeat myself over and over again?
How can I build trust within the organisation?
Do I need to be in control of everything?
Why is change taking so much energy?

The focus

SANGOO for decision takers focuses exactly on these typical challenges that you experience as a change leader. A variety of assignments in the simulation provides a complete view (a mix of IQ and EQ) on how to lead change. Realising change from A to Z. From defining a vision and strategy up to the sometimes bumpy road of implementation.

The results

The learning experience gives you an indepth view on the Change Leadership Framework, a pragmatic and structured roadbook to support you in shaping and realizing change. The framework combines insights from real-life experience, academic findings (Kotter, Senge, Haidt, Heath, Beer, Decaluwe, Nohria,...) and proven 'best practices'. No ivory tower theory but knowledge and insights that you can use in your practice.