Sangoo for teamleaders and expert roles

Realising change is a challenge that many professionals (teamleaders, project managers, business process experts, PMO officers, ...) face. SANGOO P(rofessional) is an experience-based simulation specifically designed for those who play a key role in translating vision into operational results. Although their decision power may be limited, their contribution makes the real difference.

Change, what do you mean

A new way of working, a change in mindset, evolving working conditions, ... These sometimes trigger a feeling of discomfort within an organisation. In such circumstances professionals can make the difference. The difference in project leadtime, the difference in staff turnover, the difference in achieving long term sustainable results, …

You might wonder

How can I engage people?
How can I ensure we are doing the right things to realise change?
Why are people reluctant to change?
How to cope with resistance?
Why is change taking so much energy?

The focus

SANGOO P focuses exactly on the challenges professionals face. SANGOO stands for learning by doing. SANGOO for professionals puts participants in a challenging fictional context. Throughout the experience, varied assignments deliver insights into practical do's en don'ts. A mix of IQ and especially EQ aspects provides a complete picture of how to make the difference.

The results

Our simulation creates insight and a common language but it also provides a framework and numerous pragmatic tools that strengthen professionals in their role. By working on assignments in team, participants experience that realising change is no '1 man show'. Teamwork is a critical success factor. SANGOO activates a 'CAN DO' mentality within a philosophy of continuous improvement.