How to support my change audience? Sangoo C(aring)

Change can be a source of discomfort for the organisation. Are you looking for a way to support your organisation in times of change?
SANGOO C is an energizing 3 hours workshop. In a active and hands-on way, your audience gets a better understanding of the dynamics behind change. This helps them to better understand where resistance comes from and how to actively cope.

There we go again

More and more often, people are asked to change the way they work, the team they are part of, the tools they use, their manager .... All these situations can cause stress.

Getting a better understanding of the human side of change can help to cope with an ever changing business reality.

You might wonder

Why do I perceive change as stressfull?
What can I do to reduce my stresslevel?
What do I need to engage in change?
Why is change so difficult?

The focus

SANGOO C(aring) puts participants in an active learning-by-doing mode. Throughout the workshop, a mix of theory and active assignments delivers insights into the human side of change (understanding why change can cause distress) and highlights how they can have an active say (choice) in how they feel about change.

The results

The workshop delivers insights in the psychological aspects of change and motivates participants to share their view on change. People will feel energized and understand they are not alone with their doubts and difficulties, making change easier to cope with.