Bite sized change leadership inspiration

SANGOO tricks & treats is a tool meant to support and inspire you in taking on the change challenges you face. The handsize box contains 12 cards, translating change insights from different fields (psychology, neurology, change research, ...) to hands-on, ready to use content. Recognisable, applicable and seasoned with a wink to the real life challenges.

For Who?

Anyone playing an active role in realising change. The cards bring insights about change that are universal. Insights that are indepedent of industry, seniority level or function title.

How to use?

The set can be used to inspire, refresh or even to challenge your change approach and believes. The cards are enriched with challenger questions meant to trigger your reflection or even to involve your team in the reflection exercise.


Order your Tricks & Treats set for 30 EUR including free shipping within BENELUX.